Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a very pleasant Halloween how about you? I wanted my daughters to dress up all matchy matchy just like last year but that didn't happen! We were so busy, starting with a very nice surprise visit from my brother the night before our garage sale that we prepared for for w whole week. He is stationed in Italy and was in the area for schooling. It was so nice to see him and spend some time with him no matter how short it was. He had only a couple of days here but they were great. It would have been even better if the family would have been able to come too but we can't always get what we want.  After his short stay here we also went over to Biloxi, MS to see him off before his long journey home.  So in any case, since we had a very busy week I didn't get around to making my daughters' costumes. So we recycled my youngest daughter's costume from last and my older one used one from a couple of years back.  It worked out okay.
Our neighborhood is still fairly new so the past few years the amount of trick-or-treaters has slowly increased.  There are still some houses that either haven't been occupied or even built yet. This past year however there have been several new families with kids that moved in and it was a real treat to see so many out trick-or-treating. Here are a couple of pictures I wanted to share:

See you do it like this

Yay, I didn't break it!

Finished project
Ready to go!
A car parked on the street had a cool skeleton that moved it's mouth! SCARY

Playing with the Halloween lanterns in front of the house

Handing out candy to the last of the trick-or-treater's

This house went all out!

This pumpkin was really cool!

Checking out the stash!

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