Sunday, October 30, 2011


  I was invited to a baby shower with much advance notice so I wanted to sew something for the mother-to-be.  I set out on a hunt to search for the perfect thing.  I scoured the wide world web (www) and saw some awesome things to make.  My sewing skills are still a bit limited so I wanted something that was somewhat easy and still really nice to give as a gift. 

  I came across a wonderful blog Schwin and Schwin by a pair of very talented sisters. I fell in LOVE with a dress tutorial and an added bonus shoes to match!!  The dress was SO easy to make even for me.

 I did a couple of things differently but overall I was able to follow the directions and had a awesome turnout!  I used bias tape for the edges instead of the piping...I have yet to venture that far into the sewing world.  They also have a tutorial on how to make your own piping if you choose to go that route.  Here are some pictures of the final products:

I also made pretty fabric flower headbands to match the already matching dress and shoes.  Here is a closer look at the headbands:

The gift was a hit at the baby shower!  Not much fabric was used and I mainly did all the sewing during nap time and at night when the little one was sleeping.  I highly recommend this project for beginners!


  1. The dress is cute, but I am in LOVE with the shoes. Baby shoes are absolutely irresistable. Lovely set.:)

  2. Baby shoes are, aren't they! I was a little intimidated at first but they were so easy to make.


  3. adorable! nice job! you don't look like a novice sewer to me.


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