Sunday, October 7, 2012

Snuck up and bit me...ugh!

I opened an esty shop to sell some of the items that I have been making.  Mostly bows and made-to-order lollipops.  (I am working on some toddler purses that I am almost done with and I will be listing within a few days :o) They are adorable and my little darling loves to tote her purses everywhere!)  When I opened the shop I was gunho!  I wanted to make so many items to sell and I wanted to make my shop a success!  I have had this shop since March and I have had minimal views to say the least.  I would be happy when I would get 2 views in a day.  This bummed me out but I was still determined to sell some things.  I kept the items updated and added a few things here and there.  I would still check everyday but was not really surprised when there are NO views at all. 

And then it snuck up and bit me.....

I GOT AN ORDER! YAY! I was watching football (the Rams vs the surprise game) and I looked on my phone..

and there it was telling me that I had made my first sale!  I was so excited!  All this time waiting and hoping.  Then it really SNUCK UP AND BIT ME!  I had not thought of a way to package my item.  What was I going to do?  I started to think and research online the unique ways to wrap them up.  I knew I wanted to use my trusty Silhouette Cameo in some way.  I picked out some different boxes and chose a simple box shape.  I used a purple cardstock.  The cardstock is from Stampin Up but because I am not a big stamper I have not clue what color it is.  After cutting the shape I came up with and idea to cut my shop name out on the box lid and the word "thanks" in the slip on tag. 

I think it came out great and I hope that make customer (he he...I have a customer) likes it as well!

Aren't the bows cute! The bows are for infants and have velcro closure.

This picture has the "THANKS" band slipped on the box.

I also included a card and mailed the box out to a waiting customer!  I hope that my shop continues to get sells and the feeling of accomplishment is always there with every sale.  If you want to check out my shop and items I have for sale here is the link!


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