Friday, October 14, 2011

My newest "TRYING"!


I learned how to sew in Middle School.  Home Economics class and I knew from the moment I picked it off my elective list that it was going to be great.  I was so excited to make something from virtually nothing (I think that I have always been in love with that concept..something from nothing).  I learned a lot of the basics in that class.  How to thread a machine, how to thread a bobbin but some of the first things I remember learning to actually make was a pillow and some stuffed Christmas ornaments.  The Christmas ornaments were made of a Santa Claus printed fabric.  I cut a circle around the print, sewed around as best as I could I gotta say it was more of a rounded diamond ( I have yet to conquer a "straight" circle or perfect circle... i guess you could say) a bit of ribbon was added for it to hang on the tree and it was done.  It was awful but I presented it to my parents and siblings with pride.  After Middle school I no longer had access to a machine and I forgot the joy that sewing can bring to a person.  I always had my eye on a sewing machine but I could never justify spending that amount of money on myself.  After a tragic event in my life, I decided that it was something that I have always wanted so while at the store I just picked it up and put it in the cart like it was a pack of diapers....not a second thought.   I have been LOVING it ever since. I will share my trials and tribulations in this blog not just the sewing but with all the crafts and baking I like to TRY.  Like it says I am always to "TRYING".  TRYING to TRY things is something I am very good at!
Brother Model LX3125E

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