Saturday, September 26, 2015

TRYING to come back...after too long!

It's been so long that it really is hard to come back with something that is going to get me rolling! Not that I don't have much to show you all...I sure have been busy. So where to get started.....her we go!

It has been two years since I posted! So much has happened!

I started really selling on Etsy and was happy with what I was doing. But I wanted to do it ALL!  I am always "trying" new things and my shop seemed to suffer, IMO from it.  I was bouncing all over the place and my shop reflected that.  To average person it seemed to have no cohesiveness and to most people that would be a huge turn off.  I took 3 months to think about what I was going to do with my shop. I still have not come up with a perfect answer but I wanted to get somethings out there.  People were messaging an asking when I would be reopening. I did a few decals mock ups and added them to my shop but I couldn't help but add in some of my sandblasting designs.

Do you think cohesiveness is important when looking at an Etsy shop? Do you even shop on Etsy? I am thinking of opening a couple of shops to keep similar items grouped into cohesive shops, what do you think?  Only thing is I would need to open more Paypal accounts to keep the finance aspect in order. Oh, boy another challenge!

Please comment and let me know you take on Etsy shops cohesiveness. Does it really matter when you shop?

Mom's Small Victories

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  1. I have an Etsy shop and it's definitely not as cohesive as some, and I'm not 100% sure it needs to be. My favorite small boutiques and gift shops have some of everything that I love. And I love them because I don't have to go from shop to shop - I know they will have a mix of lots of things that I love and that make perfect gifts for my friends and family. Thanks for sharing on #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup 9/27/15


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